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10 Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas That You’Ll Love

Small kitchens can be a challenge to light properly. You want to ensure that you have enough light to see what you’re doing, but you want the light to be light and gentle.

In this blog post, we will discuss ten different ways to light your small kitchen to make it more functional and appealing.

Here are 10 small kitchen lighting ideas that you’ll love:

Consider Adding A Skylight

A skylight is a great way to add natural light and an element of brightness to a small kitchen setting. Installing a skylight will create an immediate and noticeable difference, with more ambient light available throughout the area of the room. 

Skylights also help make the best use of existing lighting in the space while creating a pleasant atmosphere due to their open design.

Not only do they tend to be very easy to install compared to traditional lights, but they also offer options for added insulation, making them energy efficient for homeowners. 

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why many people are now adding skylights to their own kitchen spaces.

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Hang Pendant Lights Above Your Countertops

small kitchen lighting ideas

Add a touch of style to your small modern kitchen with pendant lights. Installing pendant lights above your countertops or island is a great way to layer lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere. 

These fixtures provide concentrated task lighting and make it easy to illuminate areas where more light is needed.

When shopping for a pendant light, you’ll have the opportunity to select from various options, including size, shape, style, and finish. Choose the right design that best fits your kitchen’s style while providing plenty of illumination over key workspaces. 

With a few new pendant lights installed, you will see how changing one small aspect can brighten up the entire room.

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Utilize Track Lighting To Create Ambient

Track lighting is an effective, energy-efficient way to provide ambient and task lighting in smaller kitchen spaces.

By utilizing track lighting, you can illuminate focal points like accent pieces or seating areas with dimmable bulbs while still having the ability to employ brighter bulbs in the areas you need more vigorous light when preparing meals. 

It allows for more versatility when adjusting the room’s mood and atmosphere. Additionally, adding color filters can help create a unique and eye-catching environment in your kitchen. 

With a little creativity, track lighting is an excellent tool for transforming small kitchens into something special.

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Use Recessed Lighting Around The Perimeter Of The Kitchen

Incorporating recessed lighting into your kitchen design can create a modern and sophisticated look. These ceiling lights can be strategically placed along the ceiling for an even, task-oriented light throughout the kitchen. 

Utilizing this type of lighting for small kitchens can create an attractive atmosphere to make everyday tasks easier, such as chopping vegetables or reading recipes. 

This kind of lighting illuminates high cabinets, adds elegance, and accentuates décor. It’s important to consider if recessed lighting is the right choice for your kitchen island design by factoring in the cost and ease of installation before investing in the project.

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Install Under-Cabinet LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking to bring added light into your small kitchen without taking up any space, consider installing an under-cabinet LED strip light! With this type of lighting, you can easily transform your kitchen without much strain on the budget. 

Installing an under-cabinet LED strip light is relatively simple – all the components are available and easy to install, and the added illumination will look great. 

With its attractive appearance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, installing under-cabinet lighting makes for a perfect do-it-yourself project that provides enough light for everyday tasks in the kitchen!

Add Wall Sconces Near Windows And Doors

small kitchen lighting ideas

Adding wall sconces near windows and doors can be a great way to create drama and style in any small kitchen. Not only will the lighting be unique, but it also allows you to use recessed lighting more effectively by providing a purposeful contrast between light sources. 

Wall sconces come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes, so you can even achieve a customized look that fits your taste. 

Utilizing these features ensures an eye-catching result that brightens the space while still keeping the kitchen looking tasteful.

Floor Lamps Or Table Lamps To Brighten Up Dark Corners

Transform the dark corners of your kitchen into something spectacular with stylish and quality floor or table lamps. 

You will create ambient lighting that can help increase productivity and atmosphere for get-togethers, and you’ll also add a new level of design to the space. Floor lamps tend to have a more linear feel, whereas table lamps are more flexible in size and shape. 

Therefore, you need to consider the purpose of each lamp before making a decision. With their adjustable features, they can easily brighten any area without taking up too much space. Plus, they make an amazing conversation piece!

Dimmable Bulbs

Dimmable bulbs are the perfect solution for small kitchen lighting. Adjusting the brightness is simple and easy with a dimmable bulb – turning it up for tasks such as food prep and down for a gentle evening atmosphere. 

Changing intensity can be beneficial when entertaining guests, offering a warm glow and avoiding those dreaded harsh shadows from too-bright lighting. Dimmable lighting allows you to adjust your kitchen’s ambiance to suit any situation. 

Invest in dimmable bulbs for your small kitchen today, no matter what mood you hope to create.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is an ideal choice for small kitchen lighting. This type of lighting detects movement, automatically turning on or off based on whether there is someone in the room. 

It eliminates the need to use a switch or rheostat to control the light and reduces energy consumption when the small kitchen is not in use. 

Install motion sensor lighting for easy and efficient control over lighting, letting you save time, stop worrying about leaving lights on, and conserve resources.

Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lighting can be an efficient and attractive option for smaller kitchens. Not only does this type of lighting provide plenty of light, but it also looks great. 

Whether you’re looking for a style to complement your current kitchen décor or want something modern and stylish, there is sure to be a flush mount that works perfectly in your kitchen. 

With the proper installation and setup, you can enjoy years of consistent, unobtrusive lighting that provides excellent illumination without taking up much space.


Overall, it’s important to choose the right lighting for your small kitchen space. You can turn an average kitchen into something extraordinary with a few strategic adjustments by adding new lights.

Whether you opt for natural light from a skylight or invest in dimmable bulbs and wall sconces, these ten small kitchen lighting ideas will help you create a space that looks and feels just right. 

With the perfect lighting, your kitchen will be the place for nourishment, relaxation, and connection with friends and family for years to come!

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