can you cut led strip lights

Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

Do you ever feel the need to customize your home lighting setup? Take it from dull to ambient and conscious with a few easy decisions if you’ve been considering making that change but have felt overwhelmed by all the options, fear not!

This blog post will explore if LED lights are right for you. We’ll look into what they are, how they work, and why they’re better than other kinds of bulbs or light strips, as well as answer the most critical question – can you cut LED strip lights into different sizes easily? So brace yourself for an in-depth guide on everything LED strip light!

What are LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are a sensational lighting innovation that has redefined how we light up our homes and celebrate special occasions.

Ideal for interior and exterior use, LED light strips provide an ambient glow with a fraction of the energy output of conventional light sources. Utilizing adjustable adhesive strips, they can be easily attached to virtually any surface, allowing creativity in all shapes and forms.

Simply attractive in its natural state or customizable with your favorite color combinations, LED Strip Lights make a statement wherever you install them!

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Benefits of LED Strip Lights

Strip lights have different benefits that make them stand out from other lighting options.

First and foremost, LED strip lights are incredibly energy-efficient, emitting 90% less heat than standard bulbs. They can be used for extended periods without fear of overheating or burning out.

can you cut led strip lights

Additionally, LED Strip Lights are incredibly long-lasting – up to 50,000 hours of continuous use – so you’ll never need to worry about replacing them!

Finally, LED Strip Lights can be easily customized with various colors and brightness settings. This means that the possibilities are essentially endless when designing your perfect lighting setup.

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Types of LED Strip Lights

Two types of LED Strip Lights are available on the market – fixed single color and color changing.

Fixed Single-Color:

Fixed single-color LED Strip Lights are your standard, short strips of light. They provide one consistent color (or a combination of two) and cannot be changed. This makes them perfect for basic lighting needs, such as under cabinet lighting or mood lighting.


Color-changing LED Strip Lights come in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or individually addressable LEDs, such as WS2812B and SK6812. This type of strip light can be customized with a vast range of colors and brightness settings, making them the perfect choice for creative lighting projects.

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Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

can you cut led strip lights

Yes! You can cut led light strips. Many types of LED Strip Lights come in pre-cut lengths, but for those looking for an even more customizable lighting setup, they can be easily shortened or extended.

The process is pretty straightforward – all you need is a pair of scissors, a soldering iron, and some basic electrical skills.

How to Cut LED Strip Lights

Before beginning, you must understand the basics of LED strip lights.

LED strips are made up of several LEDs connected in a series. Each LED is connected to two wires (positive and negative) that power it.

When cutting your light strip, you must cut between each LED and ensure that the wires on either side of your cut are still intact. The steps for cutting LED strip lights are as follows:

1. Gauge the size: The length of the LED strip may be too long for your needs. Measure out the desired length of your LED strip and mark it with a marker or pen.

2. Check the scissors logo: Look for the scissors logo located on your LED strip. This indicates where it is safe to cut, so you don’t damage the strip.

3. Cut the strip: Using a pair of scissors, make your cut along the marked line and between each LED.

4. Check the connections: Once the strip has been cut, check the connections on either side of your cut. If they are still intact, your LED strip is ready to install.

How to Fix LED Strip Lights When Cut

can you cut led strip lights

LED Strip lights are durable, but occasionally, a cut may occur that exposes the wiring. If this happens, it is essential to reseal and protect the wires as soon as possible to avoid damage or short-circuiting.

The steps for fixing LED strip lights are as follows:

  • Clean the area: Using a dry cloth, clean the area around the cut to ensure it is free of dust and debris.
  • Re-solder the wires: Using a soldering iron, carefully re-solder the exposed wires to ensure they are securely connected.
  • Seal the wires: Once the wires have been re-soldered, use electrical tape to seal them and ensure that they are adequately insulated.
  • Test the strip: Once the wires have been sealed, test your LED strip by powering it on and ensuring it is working correctly.

Tips and Tricks for Cutting LED Strip Lights

There are a few tips and tricks that can help make cutting LED strip lights a bit easier.

1. Choose quality strips:

When choosing LED Strip Lights, opt for a high-quality product. Low-cost LEDs are often constructed from fragile materials, which can be challenging to work with and easily damaged.

2. Protect your eyes:

Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from sparks and flying debris when soldering or making connections.

3. Seal the ends:

Once you’ve made your connections, use a waterproof sealant or heat-shrink tubing to prevent water and dust from entering the strip. This will help to extend its lifespan and keep it looking great!


Are All Led Strip Lights the Same?

No, there are many different types of LED Strip Lights available. Some strips are designed for outdoor use, while others are better suited for indoor projects. Additionally, some stripes may feature advanced features such as dimming or color-changing capabilities.

Do I Need Special Tools To Cut Led Strip Lights?

No, you only need a pair of scissors and a soldering iron. However, it is recommended that you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when working with electrical components.

What Type of Sealant Should I Use?

For the best protection, we recommend using a waterproof sealant or heat-shrink tubing when sealing the ends of your LED Strip Lights. This will help to protect the strip from dust and water damage.


Cutting LED strip lights is straightforward but tricky if you need the right tools or know-how. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily cut and fix LED Strip Lights to your desired length.