best led light color for sleep

The Best LED Light Color For Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? It could be time to rethink your bedroom lighting. LED lights have become increasingly popular to reduce energy consumption, but did you know that the color of light emitted from these lights can also impact your sleep quality and patterns? In this blog post, we will discuss which colors are best for creating conducive sleeping conditions so that you can get those much-needed hours of rest each night. Read on and discover how LED light colors can help improve your sleep cycles and overall well-being!

What Are the Benefits of Using Led Lights for Sleep 

Sleeping in the dark is essential for good sleep quality and quantity, as it helps to regulate our body’s natural circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, not everyone can get away with having no lights in their bedroom. This is where LED lights can come in handy – they provide several benefits for sleep, depending on the color light.

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1. Blue Light – Reduces Stress:

best led light color for sleep

Blue light is a beneficial color for sleep, as it helps us feel energized in the morning and more alert during the day. Studies have also found that blue light can help promote our natural circadian rhythm, making it easier to wind down at night.

Blue light exposure also reduces stress, a critical factor in falling asleep. The right amount of blue light can benefit sleep quality and wakefulness throughout the day.

It does this by blocking the production of melatonin, a hormone released by our bodies to help regulate our sleep cycle.

2. Red Light – Promotes Relaxation.

Red light bulbs have been found to help relax the mind and body, which can be beneficial for helping us to fall asleep. It also encourages deeper sleep when used in lower light intensities.

3. Green Light – Promotes Alertness and Mood Enhancement.

The green light is a great mood enhancer, which can be beneficial for feeling more energized and motivated throughout the day. It also helps to regulate our body’s natural circadian rhythm and helps us feel more alert.

The Best LED Light Color For Sleep

best led light color for sleep

Studies consistently show that the best LED light color for sleep is red. This hue has been proven to be calming, encouraging a better quality of rest. Red light also helps our bodies keep in tune with the natural circadian rhythm and lulls us into sleep mode more quickly.

If you have difficulty sleeping, try switching any overhead light to read a few hours before bedtime and observe the effects it can have on your daily slumber. Red lights in the bedroom have become a popular go-to as they promote relaxation, allowing for improved sleeping patterns. When choosing the best relaxing light colors, red is the best bet.

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How To Choose the Best Led Light Color for Sleep

To choose the best LED light color for sleep, consider the following factors:

The Intensity of the Light

One factor to consider when setting up the bedroom for a good night’s sleep is light intensity. For example, lighter colors such as blue or green light may seem more stimulating and make it harder to relax.

On the other hand, red is known for its soothing qualities. A deeper hue emitting much softer light can instantly create a calming atmosphere that helps the mind and body drift off into peaceful sleep faster.

When choosing an LED light color for sleep, consider how much energy the light emits- if it is too overpowering, seek out a dimmer hue like red which will provide just enough brightness without disrupting snoozing.

The Type of Light

Selecting the correct type of LED light for sleeping can significantly affect restful nights and increased relaxation. On a long day, no one wants that bright office-style lighting in their bedroom. Consider researching different types like soft white or warm white LED lights to best suit your needs. Understanding the differences between LED lights can be complicated. Still, LEDs with high CRI (Color Rendering Index) will generally feature balanced color temperatures and emit light much closer to natural sunlight. Keep in mind that soft white light has more of a yellow tone, whereas warm white has a tinge of red or pink hues.

Take your time when deciding! Make sure to choose an LED light that will not be too dazzling and create a comfortable environment for sleeping throughout the night.

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The Size of the Room

best led light color for sleep

When deciding the best type of LED light to use in your bedroom, factor in the room size. Generally, the more expansive the space, the more intense the light source is required. If you’re lucky enough to have a large main bedroom, a bright white LED light will provide ample illumination and atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller bedroom or maybe an area where you conduct work or study, then opt for lower intensity LED lighting, such as red LED lights that won’t be too distracting yet still promote a calming atmosphere conducive for sleep or focused concentration. So when choosing the best LED light color for sleep or tasking productivity, don’t forget room size – it can make all the difference.

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How To Use Led Lights for Sleep

To achieve a comfortable sleeping environment, try the following tips:

  • Place LED lights around your bedroom in areas you may need them, such as bedside tables, dressers, and desks
  • Set LED lights to a lower intensity, such as soft white or warm white
  • Place red LED lights around the room to help promote a calming atmosphere and ease into sleep more quickly
  • Ensure LED lights are not too bright or distracting
  • Open the windows and let natural light in during the day to help maintain healthy sleeping patterns
  • Try using blackout curtains or shades for a darker room as needed
  • Turn off all LED lights at least 30 minutes before bedtime
  • LED lights can be a fantastic tool to help create the perfect sleeping environment.


Sleeping is at its best when done in a comfortable and relaxing environment. LED lights with the right color, type, and size can help you create just that. Consider these tips when deciding on the best LED light color for sleep, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect atmosphere for restful nights.